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One Sentence Reviews: King Kong (2005)

King Kong (2005)
In which a girl gets Stockholm Syndrome for a monkey and they go ice-skating together.


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3 thoughts on “One Sentence Reviews: King Kong (2005)

  1. Hi, Sweets,
    Just wanted you to know I’m still reading blogs, and I occasionally comment a bit; just haven’t felt like writing new stuff of my own or even answering comments. I just haven’t felt like doing anything that, you know, glorifies me, I suppose one could say. You’ve been there, I’m sure. I’m hoping for a break in the dam, because loving my daughter and being impaired and writing are really the 3 things that define me.

    Anyway, I like this review. Have you ever seen the Fay Wray King Kong from way back or the one from the 80s with Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange? I loved that one–it was so campy, I suppose is the best word.


    • I understand the tension in waiting for the dam to break. I’m writing sporadically and it’s hardly ever reviewed because I’ve hated everything I’ve written for months now. I’m just pressing the publish button and hoping for the best, because without it, what am I? This probably explains the single sentences, in all honesty. Though there will be a TIA tomorrow, I don’t like it.

      I unfortunately haven’t seen the 1980s version, and this has just struck me as being completely illogical, as I have a massive girl-crush on Jessica Lange. I’M THE WORST PERSON TO HAVE EXISTED. I might need to fix this immediately.

      Good to hear from you x


    • I wouldn’t call you the WORST person to have ever existed, but it is VERY remiss of you to never have seen that movie. I have to admit, though, that I’ve never even seen one episode of that series she’s been in lately, what is it, “American Horror Story” or “American Gothic” or something? I don’t know; I guess I suck also. I’ve always thought it was cool she was married to Sam Shepherd and that she must be a really deep person. Her role in King Kong was anything but deep–more like the definition of ditzy. Probably the greatest part was that she called herself “Dwan” instead of “Dawn”, because it was more interesting, I guess.
      Good to hear from you also. Am going to start blogging soon, unless I have a car crash or other tragedy, or the Yellowstone supervolcano blows up (in which case we’re all toast), or unless I just decide to devote my entire life to whisky or beer.
      Have you ever started writing a book? I think murder and sex always sell, so that’s the route I plan to go, if I ever get the hook out of my butt and actually do something.


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