Oh my Godzilla

One Sentence Reviews

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I find this to be especially true when the picture also has words in it.

*cough* ‘Cus I was totally gonna take a picture with a Godzilla cardboard cut-out, but all the cinema could offer was a Postman Pat van and there were SO MANY CHILDREN and I couldn’t possible kill all of them *cough*

Anyway, here is my succinct review of Godzilla. Totally not just cropped from Facebook due to immense laziness, I might add.

GodzillaOverall rating, 4/5: What can I say, I enjoy watching big, pudgy lizards get emotional.
So what did you think? And by any chance did you spill popcorn down your bra during viewing? No?

Uh, me… neither.


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