Bunny Waffles

The Grand Resurrection

A few months ago my laptop exploded and consumed with its wrathful exploding-ness all my files, favourites, and ability to write blog posts. Or watch hamster on a piano. Or masturbate to gifs of cookie pancakes.

Now however, and with the assistance of Senor Payday (also known as Sargent Arseface and Grand Wizard of Minute, Quickly-Dissipating Joy), I have been able to dive back into the realms of the internet, my heart once again filled with the comfort of knowing funny cat videos are accessible, and I am only ever one click away from the cesspool of Facebook.

It Liveshttps://i2.wp.com/25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_maawujXCYX1qgmp6to1_500.gifThis also means that blog posts may very well soon be on their way also to grace the face of Bunny Waffles and the Insanity Aquarium, or at the very least it means I can now stalk my favourite blogs once more whilst stuffing my face with funny cats. Uh, I meant hamsters. Or cookie pancakes. Something, anyway. It’s totally fine though, I already have Diabetes.

Bloody hell, I’ve missed you guys. Is everyone else still alive too?

MORE TO FOLLOW SOON. With a bit of hope and lack of explosions.

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One thought on “The Grand Resurrection

  1. I just naturally assumed that you were carrying on a torrid love affair with Prince Charles and were too busy to write. That’s right–I’m placing you in a physical relationship with an inbred-looking man 40 years older than you. That’s what friends do. 😉
    Seriously, I’m so glad you’re back.
    Love the pics, your Gravatar and your family picture.


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