Bunny Waffles

‘I’d Like Your Flesh’

Do you remember me mentioning my vivacious, undying love for Adventure Time’s Peppermint Butler in a previous post? Huh? I told you it was very important? And that I’d use your skin to make slippers if you didn’t? Yeah?

Wait, what do you mean you’ve slept since then?

Well I suppose I can accept that as a valid excuse. But only because you saw me do that thing that one time, and you were cool about it.

Anyhow, my love for Peppermint Butler (amidst my admiration and absolute fear)- as promised- became very important last Wednesday as I had his face etched into my skin for the remainder of my days. That’s right peeps! I now have an Adventure Time tattoo and have joined the elite group of hoomins who also have Adventure Time tattoos (largely the best people to currently reside inside the universe).

This was my first tattoo, it lives on the back of my left calf, took two hours; and in that time I almost devoured my boyfriend’s entire hand. Or most of the skin at least. I can’t lie- if anyone’s reading this as a pain guide for their first tattoo- it hurts. Hurts I say! The closest thing by which a comparison can be made is with razorblades- there’s the sharp sting and then the deep burning. Except over and over in the same place. For an extended period of time. All over your face. Sort of.

But was it worth it? Oh my God, yes. Look at it! It’s the cutest thing I have ever seen, and it’s all mine, at least until someone tries to amputate my leg. Even though it is currently in the scabby/gross/itchy-like-herpes phase, it’s still wonderful. Are you ready to see it yet? Are you? Are you? Are you? Areyouareyouareyouaryoaryoayayayay?



With love and gratitude to Skinvasion.

Squueeee! So whaddya think? Huh? Huh huh huh? And do you have any tattoos? And isn’t P.B. just the most perfect itchy skin art you have ever seen in your life?

I might need to stop now before I hyperventilate…


UPDATE 31/10: Yesterday Pep But made it to the front page of one of the Cheezburger sites. FREAKING CHEEZBURGER! The place with all the lolcats, and the stuffs! The stuffs! Oh my Glob! Pop over to Ugliest Tattoos (yes, I know, but wins count too) to upvote if you wish. Downvotes are of course acceptable, but please note they may also result in a visit from Mr. Stabbyand that dude be crazy stabby.

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