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What Time Is It?


It’s Adventure Time, come on and grab your friends!*

I don’t recall having described my love for Adventure Time on my blog before… and there may be a very good reason for that. Namely that words cannot describe my love, and also that if I even attempted to form words with my mouth-hole, my entire head might detonate from the sheer, unutterable epicness. Moreover were I to run at you before eventually headbutting you in your stomach whilst yelling ‘UNACCEPTABLE!’, there might be some talk of police intervention. This is something we all want to avoid.

But I do love Adventure Time sincerely, and Peppermint Butler especially. This is very important, but I can’t tell you why yet. What I can tell you however is that Adventure Time is oddly moving, ridiculously clever and downright weird. I’mma just leave these video clips here, which I hope will chill you to the very soul, and then dance off merrily into the distance.


*friends can be supplied in the form of kitchen cutlery if you have no friends to grab.

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5 thoughts on “What Time Is It?

  1. Too funny. My daughter loves this show, though it holds a sad second place to Spongebob, of course, or Tube videos of anything My Little Pony. Flame Princess is my favorite character, I think. Your tag, “LSP”, was that supposed to be LSD? 😉 Because I think that’s what these cartoon creators are on these days. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Chowder and Flapjack were, like, too bizarre, I thought, but AT is cool.


    • I hate to admit it (and don’t tell anybody!) but I think AT might have taken over my love for SpongeBob. Oh God, it hurts to admit it. LSP stands for none other than Lumpy Space Princess! I was just being lazy with my tagging. I love Flame Princess! And also every single one of the other characters… though Ice King breaks my heart… did you see the ‘I Remember You’ episode? So many feels.

      P.S This castle is in unnacceptabbbllle coniditttioooonnn!
      P.P.S I can’t tell you how happy I am that you like Adventure Time, though my ranting comment might reveal this 😀


  2. AT is freaking amazing! And in my opinion way more awesome than Sponge Bob.


    • It really is! I have even downloaded all of the songs so I can listen to them on my way to work. ‘Daddy, why did you eat my friiies?’ takes on a more powerful meaning at 0630am with car headlights in my face, coffee in my belly and general work fear in my brainspace XD


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