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Lie-On-The-Tracks-Tuesday: It Can’t Come Quickly Enough, Scissor Sisters

I am mostly spending my time in the aloof embrace of a depressive episode, which seemingly becomes more characteristic as the days roll on. It is quietly refreshing therefore to find nestled in my music schedule songs which personify the purpose of LOTTT. Succinctly, there is enthralment in misery, and It Can’t Come Quickly Enough is one of those songs where if I was to stop and listen to it for the rest of the day, there is just the slightest chance that I might feel some sort of solace by the end of it, and that would be quite alright.

Scissor Sisters are renowned for their psychedelic, ostentatious dance tunes (excellent excellences like Filthy/Gorgeous), but their self-titled album also contains some beautifully under-rated and poignant tracks that can catch you entirely off guard. I think their artistry is revealed through their gorgeous flamboyance, but also their ability to write songs which are at times wholly harrowing. Other amazing tracks from this album include Mary and Return to Oz; but It Can’t Come Quickly Enough takes the proverbial biscuit because it makes me more aware of how my soul is being drawn out from my fingertips, woven between people’s expectation, and my own deliberate self-loathing.

We knew all the answers and we shouted them like anthems,
Anxious and suspicious that God knew how much we cheated

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2 thoughts on “Lie-On-The-Tracks-Tuesday: It Can’t Come Quickly Enough, Scissor Sisters

  1. Not my normal cup of tea, but surprisingly good. I’m often told that growth occurs outside of your comfort zone and music like this enforces that mantra. Good review & hope you feel less depressed. 🙂


    • Underwhelmer, you’re one of those internet people I am so respectful/envious of that I fangirled when I saw you’d commented on my lowly personal blog. I just wanted to say thank you. You cleared the black cloud for a short while at least 🙂


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