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Lie-On-The-Tracks-Tuesday: The Ocean, Against Me!

There is something very sweet and powerful in saying exactly what you mean. It takes a beautiful type of strength to do so, and by my own admission I struggle greatly with this… my feelings just don’t seem quite as important without great eloquent sweeps of metaphor. Recently though I just can’t seem to write at all because everything with even the slightest exaggeration feels vomit-inducingly fake, and everything with nothing added at all is so meaningless I might as well just stay in bed all day.

It therefore inspires me so much when I hear a song that conveys in no uncertain terms the very soul of the artist. When I first heard the Ocean by Against Me! I was struck by how beautifully honest Tom Gabel was in his lyrics; I thought it very noble to acknowledge what it might be like to be a woman, from the perspective of a man. Later I learned that Tom had gender dysphoria, and is now Laura Jane Grace (and she is utterly beautiful), and it just made me fall in love with this song even more. The Ocean is entirely literal; heart-on-your-sleeve and gut-wrenchingly incredible. I feel privileged to have shared in Laura’s story, and feel humbled by her grace- infact the entire New Wave album is sincerely powerful, and is infact one of my absolute favourites.

Laura’s lyrics inspire me so much, but also make me come over all sombre. I know I’m not this strong right now, but it really makes me want to be.

If I could have chosen, I would have been born a woman
My mother once told me she would have named me Laura

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One thought on “Lie-On-The-Tracks-Tuesday: The Ocean, Against Me!

  1. I like this music. Wouldn’t it have been funny, though, if he had named himself Evelyn? Or Mary? Or Julia? Or anything but Laura.


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