Bunny Waffles

Pheremones on Long Eaton Bridge

I’m off the pills for a while. And not just those pills; also the painkillers, the vitamins, the pills that make my elbow talons grow excessively. Why? Well, I have no idea what I’m actually putting in my body. Chocolate’s bad enough, but I’m not giving up chocolate, so the pills will have to be sacrificed instead.

It came as a surprise though when on the way home from work I was able to crush my OCPD like orphan’s bones between my fingers. It will be only be an effect of the withdrawal, nonetheless I was able to turn off the dreary Angels and Airwaves in favour of the wayward Animal Alpha, and a whole world of new opportunity exploded before my very eyes. I later went home to throw up several times, life making my organs want to exit through my mouth and all, but in the moment I was compelled to stand atop Long Eaton bridge yelling, ‘Woof woof woof, you’re dead!’ very loudly. It was marvellous.

Symbolically, of course.

That is the yelling, not the marvellousness.

Have a brilliant, non-OCPD Saturday everyone. Or else.

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