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Lie-On-The-Tracks-Tuesday: Men Are All The Same, The Used

My love for the Used is unfaltering and I have so wanted to feature them on LOTTT because this little feature which no-one reads compromises a collection of the music which I love the very most. There are so many of their songs which I am unable to hear without having my heart burst open (to the point where it’s sometimes painful to listen to them); the Bird and the Worm, Blue and Yellow, the Taste of Ink, Cut up Angels, and so I am quite surprised at myself that I have chosen the song Men Are All the Same for today’s excursion into genius. Today though it caught my attention so deeply, pounded my brains into the floor and even tore open my chest just with the lyrical excerpts from Kissing You Goodbye. I found myself trying to describe just how vast my love for the Used is and realised that Men Are All the Same is a fitting and fucking beautiful reason why.

The Used make you give a shit, they make you feel something amazing and terrifying. I also can’t help but fall deeply in love with Bert’s screaming which exposes my own guttural, albeit silent, nature. Their music is raw and their impact on me has remained unchanged for years. Men Are All the Same is an excellent example of rawness because of its shrewd lyrics alongside basic human emotion. It makes me feel powerful and wretched, angry and hopeless.

And at the final explosion at around 5 minutes, I suddenly realised- their music doesn’t create these emotions inside me, it simply gives validation to the sentiment that is already there. He’s screaming for me. And I’m fucking thankful.

Picking up my brains,
You can tell your mom that men are all the same.

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