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Stonehenge Rocks (so said the t-shirts)

Terry and I popped down to Stonehenge today. We figured that as we are both residents of Britain but had never seen one of its most infamous landmarks, we were both utterly despicable and should be very ashamed of ourselves.

I should mention at this point that in using the term ‘popped’, I am paraphrasing slightly- we actually spent seven times the amount of time in the car as we did looking at the stones. Which were arranged in a circle. On a hillside.

In the end though we were both very happy that we made the trip down to see it, because as I concluded in the car on the way back, whilst we were trapped in Coventry for what seemed like an eternity, ‘At least we’ve seen it now, so that we never have to see it again’.

Stonehenge 2013 (1) Stonehenge 2013 (3) Stonehenge 2013 (5) Stonehenge 2013 (7) Stonehenge 2013 (9) Stonehenge 2013 (10) Stonehenge 2013 (17) Stonehenge 2013 (18)We saw some dude having his photo taken next to this rock, but we had no idea why.
Hence why we were also desperate to get in on the action:Stonehenge 2013 (19) Stonehenge 2013 (20) Lastly, I couldn’t leave without paying tribue to my hair and conspiracy hero, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. It was worth it just for this photo 🙂ZALIENS!

Now do feel free in your comments to strangle me with my own ignorance and sheer hilarity… though do be wary of the aliens. For realsies this time!

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One thought on “Stonehenge Rocks (so said the t-shirts)

  1. Cillian Finn on said:

    Well, at least I read this post so I won’t ever have to read it again 😉


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