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Lie-On-The-Tracks-Tuesday: E-Bow the Letter, REM

My brain misbehaves and I can only listen to music in a certain order; this is mostly raunchy and maddening, but every now and then a song will pop up which I haven’t heard for approximately a year and a half (the combined length of all my ear sex), which I had entirely forgotten about, that makes me stand still in the middle of the street and forget that everything else exists.

Today’s LOTTT, E-Bow the Letter by REM, is one such song that I confess I had forgotten about, though in the midsts of the early morning head fog and dogs barking from the windows of travelling cars, nothing else seemed to matter when the music penetrated my skull. Stipe’s lyrics took on a whole new meaning beyond the realms of amusingly creepy and engraved themselves upon my memory, and my red blood cells. I’ve woken up for the last few days with this song firmly implanted inside my head, pulling me always away from the edges of sense.

It’s unforgettable, for the first time, and forever. Please, please don’t let me keep you any longer.

These corrosives do their magic slowly, and sweetly.

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