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Drayton Manor

I went to Drayton Manor yesterday and despite my crazy head-explodiness (explodiness… explodyness?) it was a lot of fun. I went on the Ben 10 ride and successfully suppressed my vomit (although I then didn’t go on anything else); however I did get chased by wasps and ate the most delicious hotdog in the history of personal hotdog consumption.

This also happened:

1235930_10200362670337548_428877826_n1229933_10200362671017565_1568921149_nOh! I also saw some kid fall face-first off the carousel onto the concrete. It was a good day for all involved.

And just how in the Hell was your weekend?

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One thought on “Drayton Manor

  1. My weekend was spent by going out for someone’s leaving do at work on the Friday, where I got so drunk I thought it’d be a good idea to drive home, got back to my car at my works car park, got in, realised I was too drunk to drive home and then passed out. Woke up at 7am Saturday morning still at works car park (obvs) drove home and slept that entire day.

    Sunday I went out for a Chinese with some friends, tried to negotiate a blow job with a homeless woman for 50p but she was having none of it.

    I haven’t been to Drayton Manor since I was a wee lad, is it still as good as I remember? Bearing in mind I don’t remember it at all.


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