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Lie-On-The-Tracks Tuesday: Autumn Leaves Revisited, Thursday

There is something very devastating about Thursday‘s music; the grand, gutteral waves of instrumentation, and the heart-ripping lyrics spilling from the passionate mouth hole of Geoff Rickly. Their music is hardly even something worthwhile in quoting, it simply needs to be heard to be understood, and felt.

Today’s LOTTT (that’s a lottt of Ts) is Autumn Leaves Revisited, from the album A City by the Light Divided. Ultimately, it is a sinister yet poignant song which finds its way from your beating heart, stifled in your chest, into the tips of your fingers. This, really, was where LOTTT came from- there really isn’t any way to hear Thursday, except on a lonesome hillside, with plenty of room to scream.

Click below to play.


I will be here when you die.

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