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Wigs is Wigs

If I were sat next to you, I would be yelling in your face about how much I love wigs. But as instead we communicate via pixels over vast distances, over what some people like to call ‘the internet’, I have instead decided to upload a few pictures of awesome wigginess. Remember folks, wigs = happiness! (Note: donuts and puppies also equal happiness).

All wigs from Geisha Wigs 🙂


For comparison purposes, this is my real hair, and I am also eating a pizza thing at Notre Dame.
Thumbs up, hellz yeah!


I’ve never had long hair in my life, and I freaking love it! Except when I try to headbang and it goes in my mouth.


Before I started working in ‘the real world’ (a terrible, terrible place) my hair was adorned with a magical array of colours. Wigs are now good for reliving the highlights of colours past, green being my all-time favourite.

26 (11)

I haven’t worn this one out in public yet, but if you’re ever wandering past an open window in Long Eaton, and you see a grey and blue haired weirdo dancing to Thursday whilst hoovering, there’s a good chance it’s me.


This is my best friend Lyndsay and I on an epic wig day!
Conclusion: wigs are awesome, and if you think otherwise, you are evidently lacking in awesome.

*Waves goodbye*

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4 thoughts on “Wigs is Wigs

  1. You know, I’ve never seen anyone looking unhappy wearing a wig. Maybe these dictators in foreign countries need to invest in this notion.


  2. Those wigs are so great I’m wigging out!


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