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Lie-On-The-Tracks Tuesday: Kimdracula, Deftones

Perhaps this will become a regular feature, or perhaps it will fade into the distance like so many penguins rolling down a hill, into a volcano. Nonetheless Lie on the Tracks Tuesday exists today, and if we all live for the moment, that should be all that matters. Well, living for the moment and vanilla vodka, of course.

Today’s featured track is Kimdracula by Deftones. The entire Saturday Night Wrist album is mind-blowingly grand, and reaches such levels of anthemic perfection that nothing else could possibly matter. It’s the sort of music I could die to… hello, Lie on the Tracks Tuesday.

I present to you, Kimdracula. Click below to play.

http://bryanopines.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/saturday-night-wrist.jpegI really wish these snakes were your arms.

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3 thoughts on “Lie-On-The-Tracks Tuesday: Kimdracula, Deftones

  1. Oooh! I do like me some Deftones! I believe they’re playing at Leeds this year, the one year none of my friends seem to be arsed about going and it’s one of the best line-ups!


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