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Unintended Long Term Effects

I haven’t written a post in a while, due to lack of motivation and being trapped under a pile of newspapers, like Principal Skinner that one time. Although that last point might not be true.

I spent most of this morning lying on the floor listening to Thursday. The hood from my dressing gown cushioned the back of my head so it wasn’t uncomfortable. My arms eventually started to feel detached, and I also had to put my socks away, so I got up. I didn’t put my socks away. My boyfriend came back from the shop with some pick n’mix, which I then dropped on the floor, after about five minutes they stopped being ‘floor sweets’ and instead turned into ‘stuff I’m eating off the floor’, so I started flicking them into the bin instead. Some of them went behind the cupboard and I wasn’t quite bothered enough to retrieve them. As well as floor sweets I also have the remnants of vodka lining the pit of my stomach. We have birds living in the attic. Some dude on Deal Or No Deal has just opened a box with £20,000 inside, and he is bawling his eyes out. I think I need to start reading again. I think we will be having chicken for tea. The weevils behind the cupboard will be eating the jellybean remnants, I hope they enjoy them.

‘There is no one who could force his way through here, least of all with a message from a dead man.- But you sit at your window and dream it up as evening falls.’

I might start writing again next week if I am not trapped beneath newspapers.

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4 thoughts on “Unintended Long Term Effects

  1. Sounds pretty much what I’ve been up to. Just laying around, being scruffy, watching shit.

    Pfffffft. Still, not long till our 2nd Blogiversary. Crazee.


    • Holy fucking shit, two years?! I feel like I’ve let the ball slip recently regarding blogging, but that’s life for you, it tends to suck all the energy from your brain and leave you all withered on the floor with only jelly beans for company. Or is that just me? Either way it is so awesome to hear from you, what the devil have you been up to recently?


    • Nothing too much, stag do in Newcastle, working, blowing money in casino’s, fighting with my inner demons not to totally go batshit crazy at work and begin breaking things and people, vegetating in front of the television/computer, slowly dying. What about yourself?! Worry not I imagine it’s normal to take a break every now and then, I have no doubt that we’ll both reach our third year next year 😀


    • Ah, I love casinos! And I also understand resisting going batshit crazy. Not sure exactly how I have yet managed to not actually go batshit crazy but I suspect alcohol is helping considerably 😀 Also high-five for slowly dying!

      On a side note, I am currently watching the live BGT semi-final and there is some dude dancing with a broomstick, with the head of a nun attached to it. I’m sure you are seeing this too, and I wish to express my anticipation for your next blog describing how magical this moment has been.

      Anyway, as you’re here, I’ve been thinking about merging my two blogs together and I need some expert advice. To merge or not to merge?! No-one really comes here and I don’t update Insanity so much anymore as to keep my subscribers happy. And as we all know, if there ain’t no happiness, ain’t no-one gettin’ laid, brah.


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