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The above reads:

I’m attempting to correct my terrible handwriting, so that when they dig it up in a thousand years, they don’t think I’m insane.

Handwriting is an interesting thing. As children we learn to be very neat, to stay inside the lines, to do finger-spaces in between words to give them enough room to eat themselves to death, swell up, and burst. Then when we become confident enough that we know how wide a finger is without the need for a finger (I thank you), we begin to develop our own style, our own way of writing. It sort of personifies our personality… sort of. Some people claim they can determine if you’ve killed someone by the look of your handwriting, others think the love heart you put over the top of an ‘i’ means you want to roll around naked with puppies. Maybe. I’m no expert.

What I can tell you is that my own handwriting has definitely become more illegible over the years. I had the regular messy handwriting of a child until I reached secondary school, whereby every word became so tiny that I could fit six times the amount on a line compared to anyone else in my class. I was renowned for my tiny writing and often worried that my exam papers would be returned because there were no magnifying glasses powerful enough to see just what the Hell I’d written exactly. I was able to write so quickly, and so tiny, that on my middle finger on my right hand, a dent began to appear where I used to rest my pen- my fingers twisted steadily outwards, which is how they remain, as slightly disfigured memoirs of relentless writing. Nonetheless this continued for around seven years; more than likely a very physical expression of my emotional introversion. Then about a year ago my writing began to undergo a semi-dramatic change which resulted in the format you can see above, in all of its unctuous, chaotic glory.

Of course I am exaggerating slightly, but it’s undeniable that now my Ss look like backward Cs, and my Ks are shamefully similar to my Hs. Alongside the general pseudo-shorthand style, I now also spend many minutes trying to differentiate between 0s, 6s and 8s, as my mad scrawling becomes more and more indecipherable- not a good situation to be in, in a job which deals primarily with IP and ISDN numbers!

So what does my handwriting say about me now? Perhaps it shows my insecurity, or perhaps even a small disregard towards everything in general- a thought which entertains me slightly. More than likely I write in such a way now because everything I need to make a note of is much more hurried- these guts are getting any younger, you know. Furthermore I do quite like to think that it shows my increasing madness, because it would be an accurate representation. But it might also be beneficial to reduce the psychosis evident in the loops and swirls… I wouldn’t want to make it so easy for future historians now, would I?

Or the police for that matter.

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3 thoughts on “Handwriting

  1. I like your handwriting…

    Handwriting is fascinating… My Nephew’s, friend’s mother was a writing analyst… And one time when my Nephew’s friend was performing in a show, outside the door her mother was giving free signature analysis to people. I can’t remember exactly what she said about mine, but I remember being happy and fascinated by what she said.

    I’m no expert… But at first glance of yours, I’d say first of all that it indicates that you are brilliant (not joken)… Not a surprise of course. But it does, like you say, show some disregard… Which may indeed be because you spend a lot of time writing things that you don’t care about, such as the numbers at work. The other thing that hits me is that perhaps you spend so much time in thought, that to sit down and write, is kind of like landing on the earth, when perhaps you prefer swimming in the clouds, if you know what I mean.

    I was always called a dreamer growing up… Like that was a bad thing. Often because I would daydream at school, as opposed to paying attention. You know, scribbling, and drooling on the desk, sometimes dreaming, sometimes bored to death, Lol Public education sucked when I was growing up, don’t know how school was for you. Funny,

    Anyway, I would safely say you are a dreamer… And an enormously gifted, and yes brilliant one at that. It truly is fascinating, handwriting… I’d like to study it some more, or at least get a more current evaluation of my own. Cool stuff.

    I don’t think you’re crazy, nor going crazy… Eccentric, yes, Lol Passionately, zany and theatrical, no doubt, Lol There was a word I was going to use, but after looking up its meaning, it’s not what I mean. I was going to say gregarious, but the definition isn’t what I thought it was. What I mean is, I see you being dynamically theatrical. Loud, without actually being loud. It’s hard to explain. Kind of like the mad hatter, but I don’t feel that you’re truly mad. Maybe a bit tortured by humanity, and perhaps the concept of mortality…

    But you’re won of the most Inspiring people I’ve ever come across, so… What else can I say, Lol

    Start a band! Play Bass… That way you can be in a Rock and Roll-ish setting, but as a Bass Player, you don’t need to be the main focus of the fans (Leave that to the singer, and lead guitarist)… You can disappear into the shadows, and just absorb that feeling of being on stage with other musicians, and the lights, and the music! An all girls band might be good for simplicities sake.

    Yah see, I got all this from your handwriting, Lol… And knowing you over a year might come into play as well, Lol Though I know it’s been mainly a Literary thing/I’ve seen a bit of your YouTube Videos. Plus your Spirit is Vivid, and Bright.

    Ok, enough of all that, Cool Post



  2. I coped with your teeny weeny handwriting for 4 years. Mind you I’ve had my eyes lasered since as they were destroyed. But I don’t blame you. Much.


    • Eeeep, I am so glad that you are here. I’m flailing around with joy slightly, because you are the reason I love writing and have continued to try and maintain at least a decent writing ability since leaving school… and not use dashes! And I do not mean handwriting, I mean writing writing, WRITING WRITING I SAY! And now I appear to be screaming, so I will stop for a moment.

      My main blogging site is here and I would be ridiculously honoured if you could visit: http://insanityaquarium.wordpress.com/. Though I haven’t posted anything in a while due to a lack of motivation. I find coffee is helping.

      Thank you for visiting Emma, so sorry for your eyes 🙂 x


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