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And Just Where the Hell Have I Been?

Some of you may have noticed I have been absent from the magical realms of WordPress in the last few weeks. Others may have been laughing at cats on YouTube, or masturbating chronically to pictures of Helen Mirren. I don’t know, it’s your life, dammit.

I actually ended up in hospital a few weeks back, after a most excellent evening at my work’s Christmas ‘do… from what I can remember I Gangnam Styled into the early hours, vomited down the steps of a casino and lost my purse in a post box. I also drank so many White Russians that the place ran out of cream. Hellz to the yeah! Amidst this frantic night of drunkeness and clearly amazing dancing, I also forgot to take any insulin. Then the day after, having not taken any insulin, I was too sick to move, thus not taking any insulin then either. By the time I started vomiting through my eyes (slight exaggeration) I started to realise ‘I might be quite sick here’ and did a blood test, followed by a ketones test and came to the conclusion of HOLY FUCKING SHIT. I was admitted to hospital with Diabetic Keto-Acidosis and stayed there for a few days, nibbling on dire portions of shepherd’s pie and some sort of custard-based liquid.

So that’s where I’ve been. And where the fuck were you with my grapes? You selfish bastard.

Since then I have been fine, I’ve put up a chicken calendar in the kitchen and have watched Jurassic Park several times over, which are fairly regular and non-dangerous activities. Christmas was also bearable, and New Year came and went in a blaze of glory and immense sausage-roll consumption. I haven’t much news of importance to pass on as the past few weeks I have mostly been sitting on my ass, though what a fine ass-sitting time it has been.

But now I appear to still be alive and am back with a vengeance… normal Insanity Aquarium service shall be resumed hopefully next week, and I shall more than likely return to my regular blog-stalking duties soon. Don’t be surprised should your search term statistics for ‘naked sumo-wrestling’ increase over the next few days. Nothing to do with me though, honest.

Anyway, I’ve missed you guys. I hope you’ve missed me too. And what has this whole experience taught me? That Gangnam Style always ends in hospitalisation. Always.

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8 thoughts on “And Just Where the Hell Have I Been?

  1. You might consider switching from white russians, to chocolate milk, Lol

    I’m not sure, but I suspect lactose probably messes less with your blood sugar, than alcohol, Lol

    Plus there’s all that milky, chocolatey goodness, Lol

    Just food for thought… Though then you’ll be stuck their with a milk mustache, and a bunch of loud drunk people, Lol

    In reality, people tend to be their drunkest at christmas parties… I was employee of the year one time, and they sent me and my girl a limo to take us to it…

    Later that evening I did an acceptance speech, and said “It really doesn’t matter what I say, none of you are going to remember this”… And none of them did, Lol

    Later some guy spilled his drink in my girl’s shoe… Yeah, it was an evening to remember, Lol

    But in truth, I’ve never been much of a drinker… Mainly because I kind of made it a point to avoid addictive things, because several of my family members were addicts, of one sort or another

    Though the two things that I was addicted to were ‘cheese’, and ‘ love, Lol

    Who knows, maybe it’ s a French thing, Lol

    After all, I am maybe 1/8 French from my mom’s side, Lol

    But even so, it was fruit juice, and soda that almost made me diabetic a year or so ago… So alcohol isn’t the only culprit

    Anyway… It’s hard to monitor yourself 24/7, especially since you’ve been dealing with this stuff pretty much all of your life…

    I’ m still proud of you for going to that clinic to learn to manage it overall last year…

    Two steps forward, one step back, right?

    Still, the world is a better place with you in it, so maybe 50% white russians, 50% chocolate milks at the next one, Lol

    Glad you’re back, glad yer well



    • Oh dear God, it was definitely the drunkest I have ever been! The alcohol wasn’t really the problem though, it was the fact I didn’t take any insulin for it. You have to count alcohol carbohydrate portions, just like you do with anything else you eat or drink. I just didn’t bother, or forgot, or the suchlike. Apart from that it was an awesome evening, but I’ve definitely learned my lesson- five nights in the hospital with canulas in my feet is an experience I certainly don’t wish to repeat! One mistake in fourteen years isn’t bad going though… maybe.


    • Ah, yeah, I just meant cuz there’s so many carbs in it, you’d end up needing insulin quicker

      But no, once in 14 years is pretty amazing actually

      Kinda like when I go to lunch with my dad at a subway sandwich place, and he always gets a cookie, and so ends up giving himself more insulin than usual right after lunch, Lol

      A small price to pay to maintain his Title as “The Cookie Monster” I suppose, Lol

      It’s funny, growing up and beyond, I was always the one in our family that ate the least amount of sugar… In fact, I always worried about my brother getting it, cuz he lovesss sugar… And I never really craved it much, and thus didn’t eat it much.

      In the end though, I now suspect the reason I didn’t crave it much was/is perhaps because I in fact might have a higher chance of getting it, and thus my body, from the beginning, never wanted it.

      Wise man once say… “If it’s not one thing, it’s an other”, Lol

      Great, now I want Chinese Food, ha



    • Interestingly, some alcohols have only a trace amount of carbohydrate in, such as red wine and spirits. There are more carbohydrates in milk than these types of alcohol, which is why some Diabetics drink milk to treat hypos.

      Type 1 Diabetes is caused by defective beta cells in the pancreas, which is the type I have, which manifests itself over time- Type 2 is the one caused by eating too much sugar, and is preventable. Your Dad is right to take more insulin if he eats more carbohydrate, as depending on what type of insulin he is on, the dose will be adjusted at every meal because he will probably eat different things.

      It’s important to be careful what you eat, no matter what type of Diabetes you have. It can be difficult, but you deal. Or you don’t bother and end up half dead in the hospital 😀


    • Lol

      I didn’t realize that some alcohol had less… Well, I mean, all foods are different than one another… So I would assume there would be variances… But I like wine, so I’m glad to hear red wine has less carbs… Though I haven’t been drinking red lately.

      Years ago I think I started with White Zin… Then switched to Merlot… Then Chardonnay, which is where I stayed for like 10 years or so… I Love Chardonnay… Then switched to Cab, but lately it’s been a Zin again.

      But I only have like a half a glass, maybe once or twice a week… Just cuz I’m watching my sugars

      But maybe I’ll switch back to Cab if it has less carbs… Merlot is @#$@! Hate it, Lol… Makes me feel like I’m drinken gasoline in an alleyway, Lol… Though maybe that’s just the cheap stuff, which is sadly all I drink, Lol…

      Though Kendall Jackson makes a $10 Chardonnay that is better than their $30+ one’s… I used to drink the $10 one

      Truthfully, when I did go out to bars, Patrone Tequila was my favorite… I’ve heard most people either like Vodka, or Tequila… For me it’s Tequila… It’s so clean going down. I’d just enter a bar and do one or two shots right away, that way by the time we were going to leave they’d mostly be wore off, as I was generally the driver.

      But enough of all this talk of boozery, Lol

      Though I will say when I was a teen, and in my early twenties, I was a light weight, Lol… I only drank Wine Coolers, Lol… I’ve never really been into beer. Then in my later 20’s and 30’s it was Tequila. And in my 30’s started drinken some wine. Drank half a bottle of Peach Brandy once, Ha… Puked my brains out all night, Lol That was a mistake. Other than that, only Vodka has made me sick.



  2. You’re a rate proper Derbyshire bird thee!! 😀

    Though it’s been said already, I’m glad you’re back and I have missed you loadz, had I known I’d have come and held your hair while you threw up… then dunked it in it and wiped it in your face for being a silly crocodile! Mwahahahahaha.

    Speaking of hair, I love that shade of blue.


    • Thanks Pete! And you know what they say… you can take the girl out of Derbyshire, but you can’t take the Derbyshire out of the… *vom*


  3. Are you fooking daft? It’s loads more satisfying to “chunk off” to Judi Dench than to Helen Mirren. Bloody Brits, no wonder we rebelled.
    Two alternate schools of thought about your Christmas party and your own “afterparty”:
    1. What, pray tell, made you think that was a good idea?
    2. Any party where you drink them out of booze (or mix) and end up in the hospital is a good time.


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