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Christmas Hath Cometh

Christmas has officially landed in our house. As it’s mine and the boything’s first Christmas living together we’ve had to go out and buy all the necessary tat. Our Christmas tree was donated and the rest of it we aquired from a lengthy battle in ASDA, pushing small children out of the way and grabbing as many baubles as we could fit in our underwear.

But to top it all off, we also have this splendid oddity. It is both disturbing and somehow the most Christmassey thing I have ever seen in my whole life. Ladies and gentlemen, I present unto thee, a crocodile in a top hat. It sits on our Christmas tree and watches me as I eat mince pies. I am harrowed by it’s presence, and I fucking love it. It’s even wearing shoes! Shoes!

Merry freaking Christmas everyone!


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2 thoughts on “Christmas Hath Cometh

  1. Wow, I didn’t know you guys moved in together… Gratz I know you’ve been together for a while

    That is an Awesome Ornament… The Top Hat says to me “Good Day To You Sir… I Would Gladly Eat You Whole”… Lol

    Much like the Crocodile in “Peter Pan”, which I Love… It also ‘terrified’ me, Lol

    Never have I felt more like a platter of food than in the presence of an Alligator, or Crocodile… Not that I have been in the presence of either… But as a child, and even as an adult, like I say, that “Peter Pan” Crocodile is just horrifying, Lol

    And thus, so is your Ornament, Lol

    Just looking at it, doesn’t it look like it’s eyes would never… Never… Ever close. And yet, no matter how long we try to stay awake… In fear that we will be eaten whole… We will at some point, inevitably, fall asleep.

    And such will be the time that we will be ‘wholly’ digested, in one broad swoop, and gulp. So do not try too fool yourself in thinking that he is a happy Alligator, satisfied with Both His Lovely Hat, and Happy Tree Home… No… The Appearance of Happiness that one might think is in those eyes, is in fact, ‘Pre-Satisfaction’, in the Knowing that he will not only be eating soon… But he shall be eating ‘well’, Lol

    And now I leave you with the Scene that Scared me Most as a Child, from James Bond’s “Live And Let Die”

    Unfortunately we’re not all James Bond, Lol

    But of course scarier than that scene, was this one, Lol

    Merry Christmas Anna


  2. Can I just say Bah?

    And if I may add, Humbug.


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