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We Will Rock You: Part II

More music for you, the discerning reader. Turn that volume up loud and eat some fucking marshmallows!


Foo Fighters, Best of You

This was the first song that literally had that heart-out-of-chest effect on me. There is something so empowering about this song, something so incredibly close. It means different things at different times, and I could never tire of listening to it. Oh, that fantastic exhalation after the second chorus. Plus, it is the lovely Dave Grohl, which explains many things. ‘My head is giving me life or death, but I can’t choose.’


In Flames, Come Clarity

Whenever I hear the start of this song I physically have to brace myself to hear the first line as each and every time it is somehow so very crushing. I get swept away by the beauty in this song, and the arresting realisation of the slipping away of youth, which sucks the very soul from you- much in the same way that this song does as by the end I always feel breathless. It generates the sensation of  hurtling towards the unknown, but the expected. It is much too fantastic. ‘Rushing through thirty, getting older, every day.’


Jack Off Jill, Author Unknown

Ah, Jack Off Jill! Such an underrated band, and so insanely incredible. The whole Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers album is a beautiful mixture of terrifying, emotional imagery and the fantastic awesomeness in plainly relating your hatred to people. I love this song simply because of the literal lyrics, it’s entertaining and fist-pumpingly good- get out of my way while I thrash around and scream in your face. ‘Ask your question, listen closely, here’s your answer, it’s still “fuck you”.’


Queen, Too Much Love Will Kill You

I can’t actually describe how much love I have for Queen- and this song in particular- so I would implore you to just listen to the song and feel it yourself. Incredible, unreservedly incredible. Freddie Mercury is one of the greatest men to have ever walked the face of the Earth and Queen‘s music is just timeless. I can’t help but become emotional listening to this song… there is nothing to describe the sheer power of his voice, and his lyrics. ‘I feel like no-one ever told the truth to me about growing up and what a struggle it would be.’


Slade, Everyday


I wonder if this choice may surprise some people, but I freaking love Slade! They are so much more than that Christmas song (which is also pretty awesome, to be fair). This song has beautifully interesting lyrics, but more importantly, there is that pull of home, family- and Noddy’s voice relates such pain. In all honesty listening to this song always makes me feel slightly alone, and it’s the most humbling feeling. Slade wrote some excellent songs, and this is absolutely one of my favourites. ‘One little wave, to say you’ll behave.’


Thursday, The Lovesong Writer

I really struggled to pick just one Thursday song because, oh God, they are so wonderful. I chose this one for the simple reason of the personification of the alphabet- an impossible task, and one which I hope intrigues you. What can I say?… I’m a sucker for language. I love Thursday because of the sheer drama- they don’t just relate a story, the music reaches in and, for want of a better phrase, messes with my head. It is literally end-of-the-world music, go-lay-on-the-train-tracks-and-wait music. It is devastatingly powerful in its grimness, and I couldn’t do without it. ‘So he stumbles through syllables, cut from their sentences, lost letters call to him, deep in the alphabet… “Please, give us meaning”.’


So ladies and jelly spoons, we have come to the end. So what are your favourite songs? And how far along are you with those human skin slippers?

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4 thoughts on “We Will Rock You: Part II

  1. Cool Song by Foo Fighters… “Oh, that fantastic exhalation after the second chorus” I’m still waiten for it… Wait for it… Wait for it… Phew… There it is, Lol… Great song

    In Flames… Very Cool Song… Truth be known, I Fricken Loved 30, Lol… But that’s just me… Great Song

    Jack Off Jill, Cool

    Well, Freddy Mercury is My Favorite All Time Singer… So yeah, you get a Free Pass on this one… I think he’s way beyond Amazing

    Show Must Go On (The Most Fricken Human Being Ever, Love Him)

    Empty spaces – what are we living for
    Abandoned places – I guess we know the score
    On and on, does anybody know what we are looking for…
    Another hero, another mindless crime
    Behind the curtain, in the pantomime
    Hold the line, does anybody want to take it anymore
    The show must go on,
    The show must go on
    Inside my heart is breaking
    My make-up may be flaking
    But my smile still stays on.
    Whatever happens, I’ll leave it all to chance
    Another heartache, another failed romance
    On and on, does anybody know what we are living for?
    I guess I’m learning, I must be warmer now
    I’ll soon be turning, round the corner now
    Outside the dawn is breaking
    But inside in the dark I’m aching to be free

    Wow, Slade is Cool… For me it was “Supertramp”

    Supertramp is basically the essence of me as a kid

    Hmm, all I can find is live perpormances of this song “School” I wanted to share with you

    Here are the Lyrics

    I can see you in the morning when you go to school
    Don’t forget your books, you know you’ve got to learn the golden rule,
    Teacher tells you stop your play and get on with your work
    And be like Johnnie – too-good, well don’t you know he never shirks
    – he’s coming along!
    [ Lyrics from: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/s/supertramp/school_20133864.html ]
    After School is over you’re playing in the park
    Don’t be out too late, don’t let it get too dark
    They tell you not to hang around and learn what life’s about
    And grow up just like them – won’t you let it work it out
    – and you’re full of doubt

    Don’t do this and don’t do that
    What are they trying to do?- Make a good boy of you
    Do they know where it’s at?
    Don’t criticize, they’re old and wise
    Do as they tell you to
    Don’t want the devil to
    Come out and put your eyes

    Maybe I’m mistaken expecting you to fight
    Or maybe I’m just crazy, I don’t know wrong from right
    But while I am still living, I’ve just got this to say
    It’s always up to you if you want to be that
    Want to see that
    Want to see that way
    – you’re coming along!

    @!#$ it I’ll go ahead and Link a Live Performance, but you need to listen to the Album Version… Just Love it, not sure if you will, but Supertramp is one of my all time favorites

    Thursday Loversong Writer, very cool

    Eh, you probably know my favorites from my Posts… Queen, The Police, Some Red Hot Chili Peppers to name a few… Supertramp, Depeche Mode… Hmm, I’m sure I’m forgetting many

    Great Posts Anna, if this Reply is too long, you can remove it, or take out the video and song lyrics, Lol



    • That’s definitely a cool song, thank you so much for sharing 🙂 Slade always reminds me of my childhood even though it’s a couple of eras out of my lifetime. I remember my Mum cleaning, listening to Slade and Sweet… there’s no doubt she was a huge influence on my musical choices. My Dad always loved Queen, which also accounts for my love for them. Oh dear God, ‘The Show Must Go On’ is so powerful- music at its absolute finest!


    • If there were a Few Humans allowed to be Immortal, Freddy would definitely be on that list for me… He did nothing but add beauty to this world

      Brilliant, Talented and effortlessly cool

      My Mom Listened to Supertramp, Elton John and some others



  2. Why are James’ replies always longer than your actual posts? Everyone else just get a “Nice” haha. I saw Foo Fighters live you know, at Leeds Fezzie and they were pretty immense. Definitely one of the highlights of the weekend. But then again there was also a lot of shit that day so that’s probably why 😀


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