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In honour of his recent departure to Denmark, I dedicate my last picture post this week to my best friend Dave. He’s currently sat somewhere in Aalborg, likely sipping a black coffee and gaining a Masters degree in Geography while simultaneously planning to take over the world and make it his bitch. Known locally as No Morals Dave  and Homeboy Tequan, I have known him since secondary school- where we used to applaud people in the corridors and wipe shit all over their backs. We also lived together for a year at the University of Leicester; together we became loft explorers and canned peach consumers- he stopped me from throttling the neighbours by locking me in a bathroom, and I had his back when the landlord came round and said our sofa looked fit for a brothel. We’ve shared many a drunken evening laughing at the dramatic exits in Hollyoaks, and the general shit tip the world had turned out to be.

And so this is dedicated to you, my attractive friend. Laughing at people’s misfortune won’t be quite so hilarious while you’re away.

Some Video Classics

The Official Tour of Derby: 2008

A tour of the magical city of Derby, with Dave and our friend Claire. Ironically I later ended up working at M&S, the ‘Communist Brothel’.


In which something strange happens at the bus-stop.


In which Dave reveals his secret identity.

Got To Dance 2011: Hula-Hooping

In which we dance in a street in Leicester somewhere, and a man behind us looks on in disgust.

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6 thoughts on “Dave

  1. If I could describe this post in one word, it would be “very fair and rather touching” x


  2. Dave sounds like a swell guy.
    P.S. It’s true that you guys were super sweaty in that picture.


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