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The People I Love: My Family

As I’ve recently shared some photos of me and my boyfriend Terry, I thought I’d also take the time to share some more photos of the people I love… my family. Here is a small selection of pictures which make me smile and might just showcase a little bit of insanity. But it’s the insanity which makes family so dynamic, frustrating and so bloody marvellous.

I do have a few fantastic images from my Grandma and Grandad’s Golden Wedding Anniversary… including a rather epic shot of me and my Grandad in mid-jive, and some gorgeous black and white images from their wedding day, but unfortunately I do not have any digital copies of these photos; perhaps these photos will be for another day. The ones you see below then are some less-than-recent pics, but they still make me smile an awful lot. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do!

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7 thoughts on “The People I Love: My Family

  1. These are just Brilliant



  2. Your family aren’t zombies?! :O

    Haha you have a beautiful family 🙂 Especially love the one of the great grandparents, mine both went when I was younger, I still remember my great grandad telling off my grandad though, looking back, that was fucking brilliant! I only have the one grandmother left now though and she has dementia and insists my names Stuart, hold on to them!


  3. And can you imagine being with someone for FIFTY years?! They’ve been together longer than they’ve been single! It was easier back then, you didn’t need to buy 3 WKD Blues to get into a girls knickers.

    …I just self LOL’d.


    • Aw, thanks Pete! My Great Grandfather passed away a couple of years ago now, but my Great Nan is still around (on my Dad’s side). And I know right! My Great Grandparents did actually recieve a card from the Queen when they reached 60 years together. My Grandma and Grandad in the pictures above (Mum’s side) are the ones that celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary recently, and then it’s my Nan and Grandad’s (Dad’s side) Golden anniversary next month… that’s a whole lot of anniversaries all in one go. On the plus side, there’s always cake.


    • I wonder if we will get a letter from the King when we hit our golden Blogiversary, I’d at least expect an eCard!


    • We’d better do, or blood will be spilled. SPILLED, I SAY!


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