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The Olympic Opening Ceremony

The boything and I watched the Olympic Opening Ceremony at home on the television. We stuffed our faces with Maoams and laughed heartily at Mr. Bean, and discussed the implications of having one huge inside-joke, one British institution reference after the other, representing our dear country. What do the Japanese make of Coronation Street? Neither of us were quite sure. We watched it all the way to the part where the teams come out and everyone applauds for four hours on end, at which point we watched a South Park, came back, saw they had only got to ‘E’, and so I went to bed.

Hours later my beloved followed and woke me up.

‘Who lit the Olympic torch?’, I asked, ‘Was it David Tennant?’ – use a Tardis noise and not show a Tardis? Danny Boyle, you monster.

‘No, David Beckham speedboated it there, Steve Redgrave carried it and then seven young athletes lit it.’

A slight pause.

‘Seven young After Eights?’


Sleep-hearing is always fun. Though I dare say it would have been more impressive to see chocolate mints light the torch.

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12 thoughts on “The Olympic Opening Ceremony

  1. Yeah, I watched it up to like the K’s or something, then turned it off and DVR’d the rest… Still haven’t watched the ending yet.

    That’s pretty hilarious, and I suppose with “Olympic Magic”, it could have been Giant Chocolate Mints that Lit it, Lol



    • What did you make of it? I’m really intruiged as to what people from other countries thought about it, as so many of the ‘references’ were purely British institutions. It was just one long inside joke for us Brits- I can’t imagine too many people outside of Blighty would have understood much of what was going on. And that’s not intended as a critisism of anyone else, but just as a query as to how anyone else interpreted 100 Mary Poppinses attacking a 40ft Voldemort!

      Oh, and I was also really disappointed to see Dizzee Rascal representing our country- it would have been so awesome to see Maiden playing, they’ve been much more influenial worldwide.


    • Lol

      I’ll try to explain my Experience of it as best I can

      To me, London is a Beautiful City, and whether we like it or not, England is part of our Heritage… So for me personally, I find it Fascinating to so See The English doing their thing

      David Beckham = I first heard of David Beckham from the Film “Bend it Like Beckham”, being I had never really been a Soccer (Football) Fan or Follower… Then I knew that he came to America to play for our Los Angeles Team I believe, by which point he was really on the backside of his career… But my instinct was that he was generally a pretty cool guy, and a great player, so I was cool with it. Oh, and he’s married to “Sport’s Spice” girl I think, Lol

      Hated that Group, but always thought that she was at least tolerable, Ha… The others were bit scary, Lol… Baby Spice?? Please, Lol

      As far as the Harry Potter References, made perfect sense to me, though I truly think the Voldemont Character (in the films that is, didn’t read the books), is one of the Grossest Looking Characters I’ve seen in Film, Lol

      Bad Guys are extremely Important to me, and to me, he wasn’t scary, nor cool… He was simply Gross, and we had to see him in most of the Films, which sucked, Lol

      Snape (Love Alan Rickman), and Gary Oldman’s Characters were my favorite in those films.

      Mary Poppins = I am very familiar with Mary Poppins, and “Walt Disney” (the man) is one of my Greatest Inspirations, and Heroes…

      And I love, love, love Julie Andrews, in both “Mary Poppins”, and in “Victor Victoria).

      In a way, though she is an English Character, Disney made her a very well known American Icon, so to speak. Mary Poppins that is, not Julie Andrews.

      Though Julie Andrews was Brilliant in “Sound of Music” as well… She just has a Lovely Voice, and “Sound of Music” basically saved that Movie Company from going Bankrupt from the Elizabeth Taylor’s “Cleopatra” Movie, which drove it to bankruptcy due to over spending.

      Captain Hook = I felt they made that Giant Captain Hook Head way to Scary, for the sake of being a Nightmare, which I felt was indulgent… He is a Great Characer, Na I love love, love Peterpan… Face it, I am Peter Pan, Lol… I’ve looked just about the same age for 15+ years, Lol Well, maybe not quite.

      But I did name my first Production Company (though it was just for experimental film making) “Neverland Films”… Partly because I relate with the Peter Pan Character, in spirit that is, Never Get Old… I basically, spiritually that is, am very similar to when I was 5.. Not in maturity, Lol… But in zest for life, and use of Imagination… Many people think growing up means not being a kid anymore… But what it really means is, “Being Responsible For Your Self, and Your Actions”, and that’s it…

      Other than that, you can be as Young as you want.

      But I thought the Mary Poppins thing was very Appropriate…

      Truth be known, the focus that the Olympics has brought upon London, and England in general, gave me a sense of “Hey, I’m actually connected to England”… I mean, America is the petulant child, yes… But, we still have heritages from England that is very much part of who we are.

      So in that respect, I kind of liked that, as opposed to just being the Country that we were trying to Escape from, yah know.

      And England’s Music has been Huggggggggggeeeee to us…

      The Beatles, Led Zepplin, even the English Wave that happened in the 80’s… Basically, in my opinion, England’s Music has basically saved our ass in the Music Department…

      After all, Freddy Mercury, and David Bowie are my two all time favorite Singers… Also Sting… I date myself a bit, but oh well… David Bowie I actually love his voice, more than I do his songs.

      And I like Freddy Mercury’s voice more than I like Queen… But I do love many of Queen’s songs, and David Bowie’s songs.

      Ah yeah, the Rapper was boring… My reaction to that was, “England’s lucky they only have one, we have zillions over here, Lol”

      I haven’t liked Rap since the 80’s when it took over MTV… I was hoping it would go away, but it never did.

      Admittedly, I actually like Eminem, and Dr. Dre’s Music is Exceptional… But don’t like many other than that, and don’t really listen to them either.

      I’ve seen more Maiden Tshirts growing up, then I did actually hear their Music, Lol

      I’m more of an “Emotional Rocker”, than I am a “Hard Rocker”

      Like I say, I didn’t see beyond the Athletes coming in, and I know Paul McCartney performed… George was actually my favorite Beetle, and John was Amazing, but too angry for me, and didn’t like his Wife, Lol

      Paul I’ve come to appreciate over the years, his Bass Playing, and Song Writing in General… And I am glad that he’s still alive…

      Overall, I enjoyed what I saw… I had this feeling that they were trying to prove to the world that they have indeed contributed to the world, but I’m not sure about that… Maybe all countries do that, that host the Olympics though

      “The Industrial Age” seemed to be their main focus, which is fine

      Largely, like I say, I think London is a Beautiful City (not that I’ve been there), but it did look a bit like a Giant Theme Park like Disneyland ins some of the shots, Lol

      But that’s alright, people love Disneyland, right? Even though its a fortune to get into it now, ha



    • Wow… how insightful! It did look rather awesome, but I did have to facepalm myself a few times throughout, the rapper being one example, the guy who invented the internet waving at everybody being a confusing other! I kind of felt that it didn’t showcase what Britain had offered the world, but rather what Britain meant to Brits, which I was slightly confused with also considering it was conducted on a world stage. Very impressive to look at however, I don’t think anyone can deny that.

      And for the record, I’ve never been a huge fan of London. It’s too busy for me- although I have to say the Underground system is genuinely an exciting way to travel. I’ve been a few times, still not a huge fan, but that’s just my opinion, and I know that many people do love it. I hope you’ll love it too, if you ever got chance to visit. It would be a long way to come to just find it as frustrating as I do!

      Oh, and Becks is married to Posh Spice. Scary Spice does dieting adverts now, and still looks quite scary.


    • Lol, Posh Spice?? Lol

      Oh, the Internet guy was ridiculous, Lol Then again, I know absolutely nothing about him, so… There it is, Lol

      In truth, if I was to go to Europe, I’d probably be much more interest in the French, and English Countryside actually… I find Cities Fascinating, but I generally end up gravitated towards the lushness delivered by trees, grass, mountainsides etc.

      I grew up in, and am currently staying in, a very reclusive Canyon Area… Hills, Trees, It’s beautiful here. 7 Miles form the ocean too, so the Ocean Breezes actually reach us, and I love it.

      I love the ocean, and if I ever sell lots of books, will probably try to locate myself on the beach… Which would be a bloody fortune, Lol… But there’s nothing like going to sleep to ocean waves, let me tell you.

      My dad made a bunch of money in the 80’s (I didn’t live with him, except in the 9th grade), and lost it all in the 90’s… But during the 80’s, he’d rent a beach house for a month every summer, and have my brother and I down for a week or so, and going to sleep to the ocean was amazing.

      My brother and I grew up with a fairly broke mom, but she loved us, and our childhood was pretty magical, largely because of the canyon location we lived in… Our house is pretty small, but it’s beautiful here.

      I did love San Fran Cisco, and New York City, but I’m not sure I would have ever lived there, though I considered San Francisco at one time.



    • That sounds beautiful 🙂 I really hope you get to live by the sea one day. I’d love to live in the countryside, and I’m exactly the same as you… if I ever had that amount of money, I would move there in an instant. Terry’s more of a seaside person, so we’ve come to the agreement that we will live by the sea, in the countryside if we ever get to. I’d love to have a farm, or at least keep a few farmyard animals. It’s a depressing notion to realise that these things are almost impossible, but the hope for them is still very warming.


    • You are far, far too young to give up on it yet… I would also like to live on a Farm, and have thought of it often, and like you, have several animals… When we first moved here, there were chickens here, and a horse stable… Ran down, but still usable, and we were given a couple very old horses… Or one of them was old, and the other My Oldest sister road a bit I believe… But we had to get rid of them, I was very young, I would assume because of the expense.

      My Sister did have a horse of her own once though, an Arabian Stalion by the name of Aragorn (yes, that Aragorn, Lol)

      Aragorn is her and my favorite character from the Lord of the Rings Story

      She had him a while, and lived in Colorado… But when she left Colorado, she gave him to a Farm where he could retire so to speak.

      Give yourself the next 40 to 50 years to see if you can muster up a way to get yourself a “Llama” Farm, Hee Hee

      I can truly say, that if your Natural Ability at Writing has anything to do with it, you may indeed achieve it.

      My two dreams were either to buy a beach house, or a ranch where I would own a few horses… Love horses… But at this point, I would settle for either, Lol

      I’ll still need to sell a lot of books to achieve it, Lol

      Until then, I highly recommend any chance you get to go to the countryside, or to the sea, to go… Whether you live there or now… It will keep the dream alive.



  2. It was just a disjointed piece of shit, I fucking hated almost everything about it. Naturally I loved Mr. Bean and of course Arctic Monkey’s doing their thing, being pretty local to us n all. But that was about it. I watched all of the marches of the teams for some reason, it does drag on, I like how Canada and US got big cheers, then when Team GB came out the crowd roared.

    Some countries I’d never heard of, and those three that came out under the flag of the Olympics, lol just fuck off home, no body wants you here.


    • I watched it all with a morbid fascination. Some bits were impressive, some bits were funny, but most of the time I was watching through my fingers with horror. Like I was saying to Dark Jade, I doubt many of the references would have made sense to any non-Btits. They showed clips of Coronation Street on a world stage, for fuck’s sake. It might be British, but it’s certainly not the best we’ve got to offer.


    • Compared to the Chinese opening ceremony it was a joke, but did we really expect better?


    • True dat.


  3. Sleep-hearing IS always fun!


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