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Happy Birthday Insanity!

Exactly one year ago today, I published my first ever post on The Insanity Aquarium. In the last year my blog has been viewed over 13,000 times (and as a result 13,000 kittens have been killed, you evil people), has gained over 200 followers, and was Freshly Pressed in December 2011. I began my blog as I finished University and since then I’ve changed jobs, moved into my own flat, started a new blog, had a small review published at the Pit & Pendulum, and have discovered a love for miniature donuts. It’s been a helluva year!

But it’s even more of a celebration as my good friend Pete over at Evolution of Insanity is also celebrating his first year blogiversary! We started our blogs on the very same day and have shared stories of life, general hatred and cakes made from orphans ever since. My journey on WordPress has been ridiculously fantastic- the community is one of the most marvellous I’ve ever encountered and I’ve had the absolute pleasure of reading works by authors whose talent makes my head explode slightly. I get writer’s envy whenever I peruse outside the safety of my Insanity fence- it makes me cry, and keeps my decomposing brain fresh.

So it’s a Happy Blogiversy to two doses of Insanity, and many thanks to all my readers for all their support… here’s to many more years!

Please enjoy this picture of a cow trying to eat me

And I didn’t have time to buy cake, so I hope this ketchup art makes up for it. It’s cool though, we can just pretend it’s blood or something.

Love from Anna x

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13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Insanity!

  1. Happy Anniversary Anna, It’s Amazing how much time has gone by… My Anniversary for “The Written Word” is 1 Month from today, on August 18th, so I wasn’t too far behind you guys in Joining into the Community… And to be Honest, I’m shocked how many Amazing People are here. Prior to that, I had peeked at a few Writing Blogs that had Communities, but found them not to be appealing at all.

    But WP has become a Home for My Writing, and you are Definitely My Favorite Writing Blog as I’ve said many times before.

    Congratz, now I think I’ll have a Smear of that Ketchup, Lol



  2. YaY!! Happy Blogiversary!!!! It’s alright about the cake, we’ll just wait until next year when the orphanage is restocked! I love the ketchup art, I have a massive bottle of that so I’d have only made a mess of my kitchen hah!

    We so totally rawk right now. 😀



      By next year we’ll both be so rich we’ll be able to buy a cake for everyone on WP 🙂


    • But we won’t though! I don’t like everyone on WordPress haha


    • In which case then, cake made of awesomeness and general cake ingredients for the people we like, cake made of poop and sawdust for the rest of them.


  3. Reblogged this on The Insanity Aquarium and commented:

    It’s The Insanity Aquarium’s one year Blogiversary! Share the insanity…


  4. Happy birthday! Woo!

    Is that cow trying to lick your foo-foo?


  5. congratulations! I was thinking the same as Michael but I thought I just had a twisted mind. Phew, it’s not just me


  6. That cow appears to be going for the goods.


    • He was too cute, I have my jealous boyfriend to thank for pulling me out of the way just in time!


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