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Couple’s Banter, Part IV

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4 thoughts on “Couple’s Banter, Part IV

  1. Lol

    I want to send you like 10 of My Poetry Books to Give to that place where you got your review on the menus.

    On like Consignment, which is what I do with My Local Bookstore

    The New Copies are Black with a cool Purple Font, and I always think about that place when I look at them for some reason.


    My Dreams are Small and Silly, but Fun, Lol

    In Truth I do want to at least get you a copy of My Novella “I Died Once”, as your name will be in it… Buttttt, I know your Blog World is kinda separate from your Real World…

    But should you ever want a Copy of anything I Write, or Copies to Give to some people, friends, or enemies, Lol… just let me know

    No Charge

    As one of My Muses, These kinds of things are in your Proverbial Contract, Lol

    Hilarious Cartoon



    • But DJ, the Pit is a bar, not a bookshop! I actually don’t know of anywhere near where I live where you can walk in and give them copies of your book to sell, I’ll have to look into it, although I suspect it’s more of a coffee-shop generation/cosmopolitan thing that’ll be around the busy streets of London, not so much in the green hills of the Derbyshire Dales… and certainly not in he chav-invested environment of Long Eaton! 😛

      And your dreams are awesome, don’t give up on them! I’d like to have a copy of your book but you’re absolutely right, I don’t want my real and blog world to mix. There’s no way I’m giving out my address or anything like that, I’m sorry 😦

      I enjoy enough the things yoiu post on your blog, reading your poetry is like stepping into another world. I feel your wonderful posts are more than fititng into our ‘proverbial contract’ 🙂


    • Lol

      I would never in my life give my address across the internet if I was a girl… Even as a guy it’s a pretty scary prospect, Lol

      Ah nah I’d never send them to your home, I meant like sending it to a Light Post down the road or something, where it will lay there waiting for you, Lol

      Never Mind my little Rants… You know I burst over wanting to share with you from time to time… Isn’t that the desired effect of a Muse? Lol

      I guess I always thought of the Pit as somewhere that might have a little grouping of an eclectic assortment of items on the counter near the register… Perhaps my imagination ran away with me a bit. It’s been known to happen, Lol

      Night Anna



  2. I gave my address out once and I got cookies 😀


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