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The Art of Being Unexceptional

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17 thoughts on “The Art of Being Unexceptional

  1. I refuse to Click “Like”, Lol… There is absolutely Nothing Unexceptional about you… AND IT’S VLADDD IN THE PICTUREEE!!! Isn’t it, Hee Hee

    Great Cartoons though



    • Ok I Clicked “Like”, Lol… It is Pretty Damn Brilliant



    • It is him! Couldn’t resist putting something of him in it. I do still miss him, just want to thank you again for all your lovely support 🙂


    • You’re Welcome

      By The Way this Comic is Really Quite Good, I could totally see it in a Newspaper, or a Book of Comic Strips



  2. As you Brits might say, “It does bloody feel that way, doesn’t it?”. Life, I mean. You must know how bloody exceptional your brain and your keyboard make you, my young friend. Myself, I feel about as exceptional as a piece of dry white toast these days. Perhaps it will pass. Perhaps one should say “Screw ’em all and up my Prozac.”


    • Ah, trailertrashdeluxe, thank you for your niceness. Truth be told I am mostly feeling unexceptional these days, irrespective of drug dosage 🙂 If I can score us some mega-super-happiness pills, you’ll have to come over and we can get high and happy, sat on my stairs.


    • “Impaired stair-sitting” sounds wonderful. I’ve always wondered, and will probably need to know in 20 years time when I can afford to head to England for a visit: What the f**k are those squiggly lines painted on British roads all about? We have arrows, and white lines that divide one lane from the other, and double-yellow lines that we dare not cross, but no squiggly stuff.


    • Which squiggly lines in particular? We seem to have far too many of them!



    Heart attack over. I have missed you 😦


    • Hi Pete! I took a couple of weeks off because my hamster died and I wanted to take some time away. Normal service should be resumed this Monday, however. And I’ve missed you too 🙂


    • Awh no! Sorry to hear about your hamster 😦 You should get a turtle!


    • Next plan is to hopefully move into a house with a garden, so I can have hundreds of rabbits all piled on top of each other, eventually being rolled into a large rabbit ball of awesomeness.


  4. Just one more thought, then I’ll go back into the Night like a Firefly…

    Your Job does not “Define” You Anna… Neither does your Relationship

    I will tell you this about Dreams, as I have been a Dreamer all My Life… I Worked the 40 Hour Office Work Week from about 20 to 31… I know what it is to Live in “The Grey”, so to speak

    It wasn’t until I Turned 29, that I finally started to Pursue Any of My Dreams… I started an Emo Rock Band called “Bloom” at 30, Returned to “Theater” at 29, and at 31, stepped away from a High Paying Job, to finally Pursue Film Making

    Yes, ever since then, whether I had an Office Job, or some other sort of Job, My Dreams have been My Main Focus… Film Making for 2-3 Years, followed by Screenplay Writing for 2 Years, took a break, and Now Writing.

    And During this period, I Got My Short Film in the New York Film and Video Festival, and Completed that Screenplay you read. I’ve also got hundreds of hours of Experimental Video Footage, that I will at some point have processed onto DVD’s.

    The Morale of the Story is this, Life isn’t what you’re “Not” doing… It’s what you Are Doing in Regards to your Dreams, Hopes and Aspirations.

    Get Out of your Head, though I know it is Truly a Magical and Fascinating Place… The Secret to Achieving One’s Greatness (And when I say Greatness, I mean Potential, not Monetary Success), is through “Action”, and Action Alone

    You are Writing, which is Brilliant… But, You Need to be Doing More… And yes, it is hard when you’re Tired from a 40 Hour Work Week, and spend Free Time Resting, or Going out to Compensate for the “Office Greyness”… And I know a Relationship is also work… All of those things are good, and normal. But… Do all you can to Incorporate as Much of Your Dreams, via “Action”, into your Life as Possible…

    Only then, will you feel like you have Blood Running Through your Veins… Trust me, I was living a Grey existence, with absolutely “No” Focus on any of My Passions, from about 22-28… And frankly, Life Just Sucked.

    I Returned to Theater at 28-29 in a Production of Hamlet, and I was Alive Again… I was, Me Again… It was one of The Best Experiences of My Life… And I did this on top of a 40 Hour Work Week

    Trust me when I say, Doing The Things that you Love, will Give You More Energy to do them…

    I am a Dreamer… One of the Biggest Dreamers I know… And Every Single Day of My Life, I Incorporate My Dreams into My Life… It will Change You… It Will Free You… I will allow you to Dance Upon the Stars where you Belong… You are Beautiful, so get out there and “Be Beautiful” without Mercy… Nor Regret… Nor Thought (and I know that’s a hard one for yah)



    • *It will allow you to Dance Upon the Stars where you Belong


    • I’m in such a bad place financially at the moment that in a few weeks I’ll be working 50 hours weeks for a short while, and if this doesn’t help me out a whole lot, I might have to start looking for a second job. I’m going to be a housebound badger for the next few months in an attempt to save myself some money, so frankly I don’t have time for dreams right now. When I’m in a more secure financial position then certainly, but until then I have more important things to think about… like food. Plus, I still don’t know what I want to do, really. Things need to fall into place so I can get my OCPD-riddled head straight, and then, perhaps, there’ll be time for fun. Perhaps.

      But enough about the gripping fist of Capitalism, I need to go clean the house.


    • Lol, it’s true, without food, we’re $#@#’d, Lol

      And you’re right, though I was in the grey corporate world longer than I would have liked to have been, I did walk away with enough money to help me survive the following 6 months or so (I also worked, but just didn’t make as much money)

      You’re doing Great Anna, at 22 I was working full time, and supporting two, which was almost impossible… But we were staying with my girlfriend’s Dad for a couple years, and I can’t recall if we paid any rent… Perhaps $200 or so, which isn’t much

      It wasn’t until 24 that I got my first Apartment, which was like $700+ a month, which made things pretty tight at the time, as I was only making a couple more dollars an hour, and still supporting two

      You’ve gone to College (something I never did, other than a few classes along the way), you’re working full time, you’ve got your First Place, you’re doing great.

      You’re right, chasing Dreams is probably nearly impossible in your early twenties, unless someone else is paying the bill, and for me, that was not the case.

      By 26 or 27 I was making good money, which was good for my self esteem, and did make supporting two people more possible, but by the time I neared 30, I was completely burned out on Corporate America

      My words were meant to be an Inspiration, and another way of saying I believe in you… Didn’t mean to disregard your need for food along the way, lol

      I also speak in hindsight, where as you are in the Heat of Battle/The Trenches, so to speak

      I shall leave you with this, I believe in you… And I think you’ve already accomplished things in your life that I’ve never even tried, such as College… College takes work, dedication and heart

      Nuff Said, hope you are well



    • Hey Anna, something just hit me, I sent you an E-mail about it

      Check it out



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