Bunny Waffles


After innocently meandering in Nottingham between venues dispensing alcoholic goodness and fancy dress shops with invisible pirate hats, Lyndsay and I stumbled into a couple of sweet old ladies who talked at us for a few moments and then led us into the Hilton Hotel.

Now let me be perfectly clear about this: IT WAS EXACTLY AS CREEPY AS IT SOUNDS. They said something about clothes and led us away into a small room filled with other old ladies and, thankfully, clothes aswell. It turns out that they wanted us to participate in market research, and being either too drunk or too baffled to say anything, we had inadvertently agreed, and spent 20 minutes looking at blouses and saying ‘The buttons on these are good quality’ before we were allowed to leave.

Firstly: why didn’t we resist the pull of the old ladies? And secondly: why does a blouse that looks like it’s been made from the insides of a hyena cost £45?

We mulled over these questions as we sat bewildered in the pub, a few minutes later.

‘Why did we just let them take us? We could have been led away into some kind of scientific experiment…’

‘Maybe we were?’

On the plus side though, we did get to piss around in the Hilton Hotel toilets for a bit.

Photograph courtesy of Lyndsay

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9 thoughts on “Kidnap

  1. Eve after more alcohol, I am still trying to understand why we didn’t say no. I blame Smiffy! Xd


  2. Lol, Sadly Alcohol isn’t Selective about What Inhibitions it lets down… In other words, whilst Under The Drink, Thou Might just as easily end up in a Hotel Room of Old Ladies, as End up Drunk Driving, or “Drunk Loven”, Lol

    I’m sure you would have preferred a Room Full of Parana Tanks, and Men in Tuxedos with Twisty Mustaches… Perhaps next time, Lol



    • I think we were just far too nice to say no! We might have had to say no if they were men with twisty moustaches, it might have been a bit awkward.


    • Lol, I have to admit, that Crossed My Mind… You do have some Impressive Manners actually… AND SO YOU PAID!!! Lol



  3. And you didn’t get any of these clothes for free? I’d have replied to the kidnap with a bit of robbery.


    • To be honest, getting to leave was reward enough, we were both getting slightly freaked out! All of the clothes were awful anyway, if anything, we should have just set a fire.


  4. lol. Funny anecdote!


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