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The Fridge

The fridge is a battleground of rocket lettuce and deception. That nice creamy yogurt right there? Oh yeah. You know the one. Looks pretty good, right? Oh, damn right. YOU WANT IT IN YOUR FACE, YEAH? Oh God, sorry. Got a bit carried away. Well anyway, isn’t it a right shame when you come to eat it and find that the fridge has been too cold and frozen it solid? Or it’s been too warm and has curdled slightly in the middle, but you don’t realise until you’ve put it in your mouth? Mmm. You know.

Well fear not ladies and gents, there is one thing you can use to determine the fridge temperature without nasty yogurt experiences. And what is this secret, I hear you ask? Why, my friends, Babybel of course! The classic plastic cheese wrapped in a protective layer of rubbery gunk. The one and the only.

If you eat the Babybel and it melts down your throat and causes you to choke… your fridge is too warm. If you peel it and one side gets trapped in its rubbery shell causing you to punch babies in the face in frustration, it’s too cold. Trust me, I’m an expert, or something.

Or you could just buy a fridge thermometer. But that’s not half as much fun to draw.

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4 thoughts on “The Fridge

  1. Lol, You are Hilarious… And Right on All Accounts, Lol



  2. I did always wonder why I could never get my Babybels out in one piece, fucking annoys me to no end that does. I end up just throwing the whole lot away when that happens.


    • I used to wonder that aswell, but then my ridiculously clever mind put together the whole ‘everything seems to be frozen and I can’t unwrap my cheese’ conundrum and all of a sudden everything made sense.

      I can’t work out giving people change, but I have an innate understanding of cheese.


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