Bunny Waffles

Dog Tears and Fat Ducks: a Poem

Fat ducks at the park, waddling in the pond
eating bread and steadily getting fatter
The children throw the bread,
and later get eaten by squirrels
The ducks find children remnants
particularly appetising
They eat too many bits of kidney
and explode near the see-saw
The puppies watching from the sidelines,
become very emotional.

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17 thoughts on “Dog Tears and Fat Ducks: a Poem

  1. That was Beautiful -tears up- Hee Hee

    I think… Exploding by The See-Saw was My Favorite Part, Lol

    Awesome Poem



  2. I’m going to save this in my favorites, and when my eyes get dry, I’ll read about the puppies.


    • Sounds like a plan. I should print copies of these and hand them out in the street, advertising as an eye moisturiser. I have found my calling!


  3. Hello and welcome to WP! I love your theme, but I think there is something deeper you are wanting to write about, but cannot for whatever reason.

    You seem smart and educated. Post want you are really thinking. This bunny thing seems like a procrastination of what you truly want to write!

    Great start, keep going…



    • Hi Liz, thanks for the comment- this blog is just for silly little pictures of rabbits and homeless men, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. It makes a nice change to my main blog The Insanity Aquarium (link can be found in blogroll) which is where I post my more serious stuff.


    • Lol, she hit your Sight too… Now that I see that it wasn’t just my sight, maybe we should both do ourselves a Favor and “Delete” Her Comments, Lol

      And just for the Record, there is “Something Deeper” called “Joy”, that a “Little Bunny” Very Well Induces… Even the “Educated” have use for Joy, Right??

      Nuff Said

      Write on Anna



    • Ah, I don’t mind really. It’s her opinion and still counts as such, even if she likes flooding the forums with it. It makes me laugh… a bit of misplaced negativity always does that to me! πŸ˜€

      And damn straight bunnies bring joy. Mr Bunny Waffles also brings me the severed heads of virgin crickets. He’s a cuddly character, really.


    • Lol, it’s funny, I didn’t get that bugged until I saw it wasn’t just my site… And then some point after I mentioned it to you, I saw that she had Posted Twice in My Thread too, ha… And that was it, I deleted her Comment from My Site, Lol

      But i’m still not sure I should have replied on your site about it, Lol

      Somewhat impulsive on occasion I suppose


      Hope soon



    • That’s fine- impulsiveness can be fun!

      And there will be more bunnies tomorrow, that’s a promise πŸ™‚



    And I’m not even over-reacting.


  5. Anna keep on with your humour poetry, i find it hard to write any other kind.

    Love poems, BAH !!

    Eat a bunny any day, i have had a few πŸ™‚


    • Thank you Harry! I’ll have to think of some more poems to grace the Bunny Waffles web space πŸ™‚


    • Another animal i have eaten is horse, very nice indeed, nothing like a horse steak πŸ™‚

      There’s a poem for you. And black beauty come to mind πŸ™‚


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