Hannibal: Murder Husbands, and the Perfect Fannibal Finale


Spoilers ahead.

Yesterday as the credits for the Hannibal finale, Season 3’s ‘The Wrath of the Lamb’ (Episode 13), crawled atop a magnificently devastating ocean vista to the eerie voice of Siouxsie Sioux proclaiming survival, my Fannibalism reached a crescendo which has proved somewhat inconsolable in the non-Hannibal-stuffed wake of the 24 hours which followed.

There is a very tenable risk that my reaction is painfully unoriginal, and indeed articles such as on Digital Spy, Buzzfeed’s interview with Bryan Fuller, and the unholy glory of Tumblr’s Fuck Yeah Hannibal page already give Fannibals bucketfuls of (post-)finale gratification; I was compelled however to write this, as otherwise there may very well have been a rampage, and I would rather not be institutionalised for screaming ‘IT WAS SO PERFECT!’ in Long Eaton highstreet.

Not again.